PMOH - Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия - MOCKBA
PMOH-PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - RHIO-Russian Heritage International Org. - Moscow
Obshestvo IRAS - Russian - CIS-FSU Bureau - Moscow

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In days PMOH-PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - RHIO 7th GA - June 29-30, 2011 - St.Petersburg.

The PMOH - PYCHAC - RUSNAS St Petersburg Team will be hosting this important event.
A special blog for delegates has been

Due to the cost-factor this event will be held on a smaller scale and proceedings will be conducted mostly via video conference,as the majority of delegates will be unable to attend in person.

Future annual conferences will be handled in this fashion. Once in 4-5 years a wider scale is planned, the exact details will be worked out during this years GA.

The headoffice can be contacted for questions, submissions and travel planning,logistics etc. As of 15 May St Petersburg office will be commencing with its preperations.

PMOH-PYCHAC-RUSNAS.ORG - RHIO - Russian Bureau Moscow : 7th GA - June 29-30, 2011 - St.Petersburg